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What is the Cost of a Blog Post? Complete Guide to Understanding Web Copywriting Rates

le Thursday 22 June 2023 - Mise à jour Sunday 03 March 2024
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I already mentioned it in my previous article about web copywriter rates: there is no official rate chart in this field! As a result, if you request quotes from several professionals, you will likely receive a wide range of offers. However, there are several factors you can take into account to make the right choice. By considering these elements, you will know exactly what you can expect to get based on the budget allocated to this service.

🚀 Quick read: summary of this blog post content

Do you want to know how to budget for content creation on your blog? Here are the points to consider!

  • What services do you absolutely need? (Quality, length, style, HTML, CMS integration, images, and promotion)
  • What to do with a budget of less than 100 euros per article?
  • What about a budget of up to 250 € per content?
  • What can you expect with a higher amount?
Just keep reading to get answers to all these questions!

🔎 8 factors that influence the price of a blog article

8 factors that influence the price of a blog article

Several aspects should be considered when you want to have your blog posts written by a professional copywriter. Below are the 8 main factors that will determine the cost of purchasing your articles. Depending on your budget, you will know what to expect when hiring your future content manager.

1. Content quality

The quality of your articles is essential to satisfy your readers and succeed in SEO. And as is generally the case, web writing rates increase with quality!

To get a high-value blog post, you have two options:

  1. hire an experienced web copywriter who has completed one or more recognized training courses;
  2. find an expert in your field who masters all the rules of web writing.

The writer's expertise and research time are two factors that will greatly influence the cost of your blog article. Therefore, your quality requirements will have a significant impact on the budget you must be prepared to invest.

An experienced copywriter or one specialized in a specific field usually charges their services between 40 and 200 € per hour.

2. Article length

Numerous statistics available on the Internet have shown that content length is important for SEO. In 2020, Backlinko published research showing that the average length of content featured on Google's first page is 1,447 words[1].

Does this mean you should order blog articles that are over 1,500 words long? No, because in reality, it's the quality of the information that matters most!

To budget for your content creation, I recommend the following:

  • create a content calendar based on Keyword Research relevant to your area of expertise;
  • analyze the top 10 Google results for each of these queries and compare their length;
  • if all displayed results have a more or less equivalent length, order a similar or higher word count;
  • if content length varies, prioritize quality when ordering a length equal to or greater than the text with the fewest words.
Based on content length, you can easily estimate the cost of each of your blog articles. However, prices vary greatly, ranging from 0.01 € per word for an offshore writer to 2 € per word for an expert in certain fields, such as law or finance.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of weighing each word of content so that it drives sales. This exercise requires not only unique skills and experience but also takes more time.

Depending on the topic covered in your blog article, this writing technique can be very interesting. Indeed, it allows for a direct return on investment and thus the ability to concretely monetize your blog writing budget.

According to information provided by the freelance platform Malt[2], a copywriter (also called a writer-conceptualist) charges an average of 419 € per day.

4. Storytelling

Storytelling is another writing technique that has its place in a blog article. By telling a story, you can significantly simplify a message while inspiring and motivating your audience.

It is also an excellent way to describe experiences and concrete cases to make your reader want to subscribe to a service or product you offer. However, to achieve this goal while staying as close to the truth as possible, you must be prepared to devote some of your time.

Indeed, when you hire a storyteller, you provide them with as much concrete information as possible that they will need to write their content. And this preparation time will, of course, be billed, which will increase the cost of your next blog post.

Storytelling rates are very similar to those of web writing: from 20 to 70 € per hour.

5. SEO optimization

Optimizing a blog article for organic search requires skills that only SEO copywriters master perfectly. However, even if you have to pay a slight premium for this type of service, your blog's visibility on search engines will be a significant asset for your business.

The SEO web copywriter ensures the following:

Depending on their level of experience and expertise, an SEO-trained web copywriter usually charges an hourly rate ranging from 40 to 70 €.

6. HTML formatting or CMS integration

If you want to add the blog article to your content management system (CMS) yourself, you can ask the writer to deliver the blog article in HTML format. You will then have a text containing all the tags (Hn, P, strong, etc.) you need to save time during integration.

Most professional web copywriters are proficient enough with the most popular CMSs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Magento, Shopify, or PrestaShop) to offer direct integration on these platforms.

This work requires between 30 and 60 minutes, which will be billed in addition to the base rate. Although this makes your job easier, you will need to take this service into account when budgeting.

Expect to pay between 10 and 70 € extra for this type of service. This rate varies depending on the writer's hourly rate, as well as the length and complexity of the content provided.

7. Royalty-free images

As you probably know, adding media (especially images) to your blog articles plays an essential role in:

  • giving your reader a break;
  • improving your visibility on search engines.

However, searching for royalty-free photos and other illustrations and optimizing them (name, size, and format) can be time-consuming tasks if you are not used to them. That's why many web copywriters offer to do this work for you.

On average, a royalty-free image optimized for SEO in a blog article costs between 7 and 15 €.

8. Article promotion

This additional service is also often offered by web copywriters. You can then choose based on your goals:

  • to attract traffic: share on social media;
  • to improve SEO: create backlinks;
  • to retain your audience: send regular newsletters.

Not all web writing professionals want or have the skills to provide this type of service. However, they are generally offered according to the following price range:

- between 10 and 35 € per post on social media,
- from 25 to 100 € for an inbound link,
- from 20 to 70 € for a newsletter (depending on its length and complexity).

💰 Different rates for a blog article

Different budgets for a blog article

If you have read all the information above, you have probably understood that the price of a blog article varies greatly. Indeed, the cost of web writing mainly depends on the following elements:

  • the skills of the web copywriter,
  • the time you are willing to spend on editing and publishing articles,
  • the additional services you need.

However, regardless of your budget, you can save yourself the writing of a blog post. Here's what you can expect based on your means.

Small budget: less than 100 € per blog article

You can certainly get a blog article for less than 100 €. However, you will likely need to spend time correcting, adapting it perfectly to your needs, adding images, integrating it into your website, and promoting it through various communication channels.

The cheapest option is undoubtedly to take advantage of artificial intelligence and other automatic writing software. For example, with, you can create optimized content in just a few minutes for less than one euro. However, I recommend customizing this content and thoroughly checking the information provided before publishing it on your blog.

For less than 50 euros per article, you can also hire a French-speaking writer based abroad. Indeed, offshore writers offer rates ranging from 0.01 to 0.05 € per word, meaning you can easily order a 1500-word article for 15 €. The quality of the delivered texts is often mediocre, and you will need to spend more time editing your content. To save time, don't hesitate to use our semantic optimization tool!

Some web writing platforms (such as, Textmaster, or Textbroker) also offer economical solutions for blog article writing. With a budget ranging from 50 to 100 €, you can use these providers to order a medium-quality text of about 1000 words. Once again, take the time to touch up this type of content before publishing it!

Average budget: between 100 and 250 € per blog article

With an average budget, you could consider hiring a beginner web copywriter to write your blog articles. Moreover, you could ask them to help you with the following tasks:

  • optimize content for SEO;
  • integrate the article into your CMS;
  • add royalty-free images;
  • promote your articles through newsletters or social media posts.

However, I recommend prioritizing content quality and not asking for too many extras. Indeed, the writer must have time to conduct thorough research and polish their text above all else.

Additionally, you could use more specialized writing platforms, such as Rédac du Web. This way, you can hire a qualified SEO writer at a very reasonable rate.

Large budget: more than 250 € per blog article

With this substantial budget, you now have the opportunity to work with experienced web copywriters or those with extensive expertise in your field of activity. Depending on the various objectives of your articles, you could also occasionally hire copywriting or storytelling specialists.

Moreover, you can also use an SEO agency that will offer you the professional you need.

Finally, if you want to publish many blog articles (at least one per day), you could consider hiring an in-house writer (average monthly salary ranging between 1,700 and 4,000 euros depending on their experience).

Additionally, you can allocate part of your budget to link building. Indeed, if you create at least 2 inbound links per blog article, you maximize your chances of getting a good ranking for your business on Google.

## 🎬 Conclusion

Delegating the writing of your blog articles has a cost that needs to be considered. With your web writing budget defined, you can either have the luxury of completely outsourcing this task or still need to spend a few hours editing and publishing your content.

In any case, remember that the quality of your texts should always be your primary goal. It's better to publish one high-quality article per month rather than a mediocre article per day!

Define your needs, objectives, and budget, then create an editorial calendar (or, even better, have a professional do it). With all this information, you will know precisely which tasks can be delegated, how much work remains for you, and what the price of a blog article will be.

And you? How have you proceeded so far? Do you think all the information provided in this guide will help you improve your content creation process?

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