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Web Copywriter Rates: How Much Does Content Creation Cost?

le Friday 15 July 2022 - Mise à jour Sunday 03 March 2024
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There is no official pricing grid for web copywriting! So how do you know the right rate for a web copywriter? I invite you to discover all the variables that influence the correct price to pay. This way, you can define the budget that matches your goals. Moreover, the compensation you offer will be in line with the expectations of the copywriter you hire.

🚀 Quick read: summary table of web copywriting rates

Discover all the key figures in this table that summarizes the rates applied by web copywriters.

Summary table of web copywriting rates
Read on to find out why there is such a difference in price and how to find the web copywriter that fits your budget and needs.

❓ What influences the rate of a web copywriter?

Illustration image: factors influencing web copywriter rates

There is no collective agreement that regulates the salary of a web copywriter. As a result, the rates offered are extremely variable. Moreover, pricing depends on many factors that influence writing quality and services received.

Below, you will find the main elements to consider in order to define an appropriate compensation for web content writing. Note that they must be combined to establish the right rate for a web copywriter.

Web copywriting experience

The level of experience of the web copywriter is an important criterion to consider when setting their remuneration. As is often the case in the world of work, the more experienced a professional is, the more expensive they are. However, this generally goes hand in hand with content quality, trust level, and efficiency.

According to information provided by Malt (freelance platform), the average daily rate for a freelance web copywriter is €293. However, there are notable differences depending on the candidate's experience:

- less than 2 years of experience: average of €223 per day;
- between 2 and 7 years of experience: average of €278 per day;
- more than 7 years of experience: average of €377 per day.

Web copywriter expertise

Choosing a web copywriter specialized in your field is a significant advantage for your business. Indeed, they can share their expertise in quality content and thus add value to your website. Moreover, they will perfectly meet the search intent to satisfy your readers.

The writing rates of experts are therefore higher than those of a generalist copywriter. However, it is not always essential to find a specialist. Indeed, an experienced professional knows how to perfectly write a product sheet, a service description, a home page, or an "about" page without necessarily knowing the field.

On the other hand, when it comes to blog articles, white papers, or comprehensive guides, the level of knowledge of the web copywriter is a considerable asset. Of course, a good copywriter can write quality content on a subject they are not familiar with. However, their rates will often be revised upwards due to the necessary research time.

Web copywriter skills

Choosing an SEO web copywriter is a significant advantage for improving the organic ranking of your website. Thanks to their knowledge of Google algorithms, they can optimize their content and thus attract more organic traffic to your web pages. Their skills in storytelling or copywriting are other examples that influence the rate of a web copywriting service.

In addition, a professional who has completed a web copywriting training will be better able to create texts perfectly adapted to reading on all digital devices (computers, tablets, and mobiles). Moreover, they know the basics of HTML, which allows them to perfectly structure their content and convey a clear message to Googlebots. As a result, their rate will obviously be higher than that offered by a self-taught copywriter.

Type of writing

A web copywriter can write a wide variety of content types intended for publication on a website. A true Swiss Army knife of writing, they can write:

  • a home page;
  • a blog article;
  • an "about" page;
  • a product description;
  • an e-book;
  • a newsletter;
  • etc.

However, the research time required varies greatly depending on the requested content. Moreover, the return on investment must be taken into account when setting the right price. That's why the rate of a web copywriter differs depending on the type of text ordered. Thus, you do not pay the same price for an e-book, a blog post, a viral article, a product sheet, or a newsletter.

Additional services

Clients' needs may not stop at simple content creation. Indeed, web copywriters often have to take care of additional elements, such as:

Each of these additional services requires more or less time and skills, which will obviously influence the final invoice of the web copywriter.

💰 How to set the rate in web copywriting?

Illustration image: 3 ways to charge for web copywriting

Before looking for a web copywriter, a client must establish a budget dedicated to content creation. Moreover, they must define their needs (delivery time, content types, and quantity) and know the additional services to provide.

As a result, the professional can offer a realistic and achievable proposal that best meets the client's expectations. In general, freelance web copywriters offer three types of billing.

1. Web copywriter rate per word

This is the most commonly used method of pricing in web copywriting. Usually, a margin of plus or minus 10% is allowed. So, if you order 1,000 words of content, the copywriter will deliver a text of 900 to 1,100 words at the agreed rate.

The advantage for the client is to easily budget their content creation. On the other hand, this process is not necessarily the easiest to manage for a web copywriter. Indeed, they set their rate per word based on their average writing time to reach a reasonable hourly rate. So, if they find that they are spending too much time on a text, they may rush it to make ends meet.

Average rate per word: between 1 euro cent (offshore copywriter) and €2 (specialized and experienced copywriter).

2. Web copywriter rate per hour

This method is less common, but guarantees better writing quality. Moreover, it is more reassuring for the copywriter (their hourly rate is guaranteed) and more honest for the client (the value of the content corresponds to the price paid).

The main disadvantage for the client is that the price varies considerably from one text to another. As a result, it is more difficult to place bulk orders while respecting a fixed budget. To avoid surprises, a prior agreement on the amount not to be exceeded must be reached.

Average hourly rate: between €20 (beginner copywriter) and €200 (specialized and experienced copywriter).

3. Flat rate in web copywriting

This type of agreement is generally concluded for a large order or for a long-term contract (minimum 6 months). It has the dual advantage of allowing the client to know their budget precisely and guaranteeing financial security for the copywriter. As a result, a flat rate is often accompanied by a 5 to 10% rate reduction.

In any case, this kind of arrangement must be made with a contract that clearly defines the services to be provided. Moreover, it must mention the rate applied in case of additional work.

Flat rate: established based on the amount of work or for a predefined number of hours.

📊 Web copywriting rates vary according to your needs and means

Illustration image: finding web copywriter rates according to your needs

There are several solutions to find a web copywriter. Depending on your needs and means, you can turn to different professional profiles. This choice will, of course, influence the content creation rate, but also the availability and quality.

Freelance web copywriter rate

As already mentioned, you can find a freelance web copywriter on platforms dedicated to freelancers such as Malt, as well as on Codeur, 5EUROS, or Fiverr. Social networks (mainly LinkedIn and Facebook) also allow you to choose from a large number of independent copywriters.

However, note that an independent worker has many additional costs (URSAFF, CFE, professional insurance, supplementary health insurance, etc.). Moreover, they do not enjoy the same income security as an employee, have no paid vacations, and no annual bonuses. As a result, they must adjust their rate accordingly and cannot afford to offer significant discounts to avoid finding themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Hourly rates for a freelance web copywriter

- Beginner copywriter: from €20 to €30
- Experienced copywriter: from €40 to €70
- Specialized copywriter: maximum €200

Word rates for a freelance web copywriter

- Beginner copywriter: from €0.05 to €0.08
- Experienced copywriter: from €0.12 to €0.25
- Specialized copywriter: maximum €2

Web copywriter rate in a company

Most large companies hire their content marketing team internally. They thus have the guarantee of consistency in their writing quality and can create a large amount of text that fully corresponds to their editorial line.

Although there is no state-proposed pricing grid, the analysis of job offers for a web copywriter in a permanent contract shows the following trend (source:

- monthly salary for a junior copywriter: between €1,700 and €1,900 gross (approximately €1,300 to €1,500 net);
- monthly salary for a senior copywriter: maximum €4,000 (approximately €3,000 net).

Web copywriting platform rate

For urgent needs or to have a large amount of content written, using a web copywriting platform is a coherent solution. Moreover, the services offered are multiple, and you benefit from the support of a customer service to help you establish a good writing brief.

However, the writing quality is very variable, and direct contact with the copywriters does not always allow you to detail your needs precisely! As a result, you will often have to rework the texts provided to adapt them to your criteria and your brand. Nevertheless, it is a good way to quickly publish content on your website.

Web copywriting platform rates range from 2.2 euro cents per word for basic content (Textbroker) to €0.16/word for quality text (Textmaster).

Offshore web copywriter rate

This is certainly the best way to find the best rates in web copywriting. Indeed, French-speaking web copywriters based in Madagascar, Morocco, or Mali offer unbeatable prices. This is simply due to the fact that the cost of living is much lower than in France.

However, low prices usually mean poor quality. First of all, few offshore copywriters are trained in web copywriting. Moreover, the language used differs greatly from that used in France. To offer readable and enjoyable content to your readers, you will inevitably have to rework the delivered texts, which requires time and skills!

Offshore web copywriter rates per word generally range between €0.01 and €0.05.

🎬 Conclusion

There are therefore multiple variables to determine the rate of a web copywriter. Type of content, copywriter profile, billing method, order quantity, contract duration, additional needs... all these elements must be considered to find the right price!

However, I remind you that if you want to improve the visibility of your site on search engines and attract qualified organic traffic, you must focus on quality rather than quantity! Thus, the cheapest solutions are not necessarily the best!

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