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Web Writing Platform: The Solution for Quality Content?

le Wednesday 06 July 2022 - Mise à jour Sunday 03 March 2024
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Do you need to quickly publish content on your website? A web copywriting platform seems like a good solution! Indeed, you can easily place orders and immediately receive texts. However, there are not only positive points to using this type of service. Discover without further delay the advantages and disadvantages of the 6 best web copywriting platforms currently available.

🚀 Quick read: the 6 web copywriting platforms to know

Infographic: 6 best web copywriting platforms
Do you want to know more about using these web copywriting platforms? In the rest of this post, you will find all the details you need to make the best choice.

💡 How does a web copywriting platform work?

Do you need content quickly to feed your blog, write a product sheet, or add a new service to your website? Indeed, it serves as an intermediary between clients and web copywriters to secure transactions, guarantee a certain level of quality, and respond quickly to everyone's needs.

To understand how a web copywriting platform works, I suggest you discover both sides of this type of site. Below is a brief description of the general experience offered to clients and copywriters.

Client side

The price offered by web copywriting platforms is very low compared to the current prices of agencies and freelancers. Thus, it is a good opportunity to enjoy inexpensive content and quickly feed your website. However, the quality of the texts is very variable, and often you will have to correct and edit them to make them exactly meet your needs.

Placing an order on a web copywriting platform is extremely easy. To do this, simply create a client account and fill in the content brief. On most platforms, you also have access to brief templates or simply answer a detailed questionnaire to provide all the necessary information for the creation of your content. In addition, a customer service is at your disposal to answer all your questions and define the ideal solutions according to your needs.

Copywriter side

The remuneration of most web copywriting platforms does not allow you to earn enough money to make a living. Indeed, prices start at about €0.01 per word. However, on some specialized platforms, they can go up to 16 cents per word if you have an excellent writing level. On the other hand, orders are rare on these sites, and the volume of writing will not be sufficient to make a decent living. In any case, it is an excellent way to start in web copywriting by confronting the market reality and building your portfolio.

To create your author account, you must first create and fill in your profile. Add as much relevant information as possible to reassure future clients! Before accessing orders, you will need to write a test article to prove your skills to the platform. Once your copy is corrected, you will receive a rating (usually from one to five) that will finally allow you to access client requests.

Note: you will most of the time need a Siret number to register on a web copywriting platform

🥇 6 best web copywriting platforms

Illustration: web copywriting platform

There are many web copywriting platforms, but the quality is not always there! Whether from a client or copywriter perspective, it is sometimes difficult to get the necessary support, and the results are not sufficient compared to the investment provided (whether in time or money). However, some stand out significantly. Here are the 6 best web copywriting platforms of the moment!

1. La Rédac du Web: quality in SEO copywriting

Logo of La Rédac du Web

La Rédac du Web was conceived by Lucie Rondelet, founder of one of the best web copywriting training courses on the market. This web copywriting platform is unique because it only offers qualified SEO copywriters who have completed this training. Thus, clients are guaranteed to receive high-quality content that is well optimized for natural referencing.

Services offered


  • Trained copywriters
  • Direct relationship with web copywriters
  • Writing quality
  • SEO-optimized texts
  • Access to turnkey content


  • High rates (correspond to freelance prices and not traditional platform prices)
  • Variable prices
  • Difficult to find the offer that suits your needs


Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you a price range for this platform. Indeed, prices vary greatly from one copywriter to another and depending on the type of service desired. Charged per word, per hour, or per package, you will have to sort through the service offers to find the perfect match.

2. GreatContent: the specialist in multilingual sites

Logo of GreatContent

GreatContent is a multilingual content creation platform. With over 10,000 linguists, you are assured of quickly finding the web copywriter you need. To order a text, simply choose the language and desired level. You will then receive a quote before finalizing the order.

Services offered

  • Product sheet
  • Category description
  • Blog article
  • Service description
  • Social media post
  • Translation
  • Briefing creation
  • Keyword research


  • Easy ordering
  • Fast delivery
  • Wide choice of copywriters
  • 30 languages available for writing or translation
  • Rates tailored to your needs


  • Variable quality
  • Complicated communication with web copywriters


From 3 to 10 euro cents per word depending on the copywriter's expertise level.

3. the good price solution for e-merchants

Logo of

The concept of is interesting because once your writing brief is published, you will be directly contacted by copywriters. They offer you a delivery time, and you can view their profile to make your choice. Thus, with more than 15,000 professionals available, you are certain that your orders will be processed quickly.

Services offered


  • Easy ordering
  • Fast delivery
  • Wide choice of copywriters
  • Good value for large quantity orders
  • Plagiarism protection
  • Decreasing rates for large orders
  • Customer service reachable by phone


  • Time-consuming recruitment of copywriters
  • High price for small order volumes


From €0.042 to €0.12 per word depending on your choice of quantity and quality.

4. Textmaster: the web copywriting platform specialized in content translation

Logo of TextMaster

Textmaster is an international company specializing in content creation in over 50 languages. If you want to expand your visibility outside of France, using this platform represents a low-cost opportunity that you should consider.

Services offered

  • Translation
  • Multilingual content creation
  • All types of texts intended for the Web
  • Email writing
  • SEO texts
  • Correction and proofreading


  • 50 languages available for translation and writing
  • Translation possible directly on your website's CMS
  • Project management
  • Text correction


  • Variable quality of delivered texts
  • Complicated communication with copywriters


From 3 to 16 euro cents depending on your needs. If you have a large volume of content to order, you can request a personalized quote.

5. Wriiters: the solution to find ready-to-publish content

Logo of Wriiters

The great advantage of Writters is the wide choice of texts available in the catalog. You can thus make your choice with full knowledge of the facts and obtain content that suits you without waiting time. In addition, you also have the option of placing an order by providing your content brief.

Services offered

  • Content catalog
  • Writing of all types of texts intended for publication on the Internet


  • Choice from the catalog
  • Quality of texts offered in packs
  • Quick content acquisition
  • Ease of creating briefs


  • Few copywriters available for custom content creation
  • High price for creating long, quality, SEO-optimized content


From €4.90 to €600 (white paper) for catalog texts. From €3 to €238 for content writing.

6. Textbroker: the cheapest web copywriting platform for multilingual content creation

Logo of TextBroker

Textbroker is one of the best-known and certainly the most used web copywriting platforms. It has thousands of copywriters to respond quickly to all needs. However, be aware that the quality will certainly not be there if you use two or three-star copywriters!

Services offered

  • Multilingual web content writing
  • Translation
  • Proofreading and correction


  • 36 languages for writing and translation
  • Direct order to directly engage the services of a web copywriter
  • Possibility to create a team of copywriters
  • Fast delivery
  • Detailed options for creating content briefs


  • Highly variable text quality
  • Non-competitive rates from a quality/price perspective


Starting at 2.2 euro cents per word.

👀 How to do without a web copywriting platform?

The most obvious disadvantage of a web copywriting platform is the inconsistency in the quality of delivered texts. Indeed, random checks and the diversity of copywriters mean that the content you receive does not always meet your quality criteria and referencing needs.

Thus, if you are not a web copywriter yourself and want to offer quality content to your readers, you might consider the following options.

  • LinkedIn: use the search bar or post a message with the right hashtags to find your future web copywriter.
  • Facebook: there are many groups dedicated to web copywriting. Just join them and post your offer.
  • Freelance platform:, Malt, 5EUROS, Fiverr or even LeBonCoin can help you find the independent copywriter you need.
  • Automatic writing software: if you are ready to edit your texts or have a content specialist on your team, an automatic writing software can be very useful.
## 🎬 Conclusion

Web copywriting platforms are interesting if you have a small budget and need a large amount of content quickly. However, the rates are not necessarily advantageous if you want to offer quality to your readers. Moreover, the copies delivered are very variable and do not always meet your requirements. Therefore, choosing one of the solutions proposed in this article is only recommended if you have no other choice.

What is your experience with this? Have you ever used a web copywriting platform? Don't you think that hiring your collaborators directly improves quality and productivity? In any case, as soon as you have a text ready to be published on your site, always use the SEOQuantum tool to analyze its relevance and SEO competitiveness.

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