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Web Copywriter: What are the Online Courses Available?

le Saturday 09 April 2022 - Mise à jour Thursday 04 April 2024
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There are dozens of online courses to become a web copywriter. If you want to train for this exciting profession, it's difficult to make the right choice to start your project under the best conditions. That's why I've chosen to present 4 paid courses that differ in their offer, duration, and price. If you can't afford a paid course at the moment, you'll find at the end of this post some free ways to learn web writing.

Author's note: I have personally taken two of the paid courses offered in this article (FRW and Rédacteur+++). I know the third one by reputation (Inès Sivignon), while the fourth one was found during the creation of this post. I added it to this list of distance learning courses because it is accessible if you have a small budget for training.

🚀 Quick read: comparison of web copywriter distance learning courses

Here is a table of the 4 paid online courses to become a web copywriter that I propose you to discover.

Table of the 4 best paid web writing courses
By reading the rest of this blog post, you will find more details about each of these courses, as well as tips for learning web writing for free.

💲 Paid distance learning courses to become a web copywriter

Illustration image: paid web writing course

To be a web copywriter, you must not only love writing and have a perfect command of French, but also know the rules of writing on the Internet. To achieve this, the best option is undoubtedly to take a paid course. Below, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the 4 best distance learning courses.

1. Web Writing Training: the ideal solution for beginners

Since 2018, Lucie has trained over 2,000 web copywriters! Web Writing Training is undoubtedly one of the references in the field. The online courses are educational and follow an interesting methodology. You will learn everything about the profession of freelance web copywriter, from writing rules to SEO and client prospecting.

Trainer: Lucie Rondelet

Lucie started her career as a freelance web copywriter in 2012. She launched her blog in 2017, quickly followed by her online training. Initially alone, she then surrounded herself with a team of enthusiasts who meet the expectations of her many students. To meet the needs and means of everyone, she offers four courses that mainly differ in the level of support provided.

Course content

Each course consists of 7 modules and a bonus section.

  • Module 1: discovering client potential.
  • Module 2: basic rules of digital writing.
  • Module 3: creating your micro-business.
  • Module 4: basics of natural referencing.
  • Module 5: methods for writing effectively.
  • Module 6: advanced SEO knowledge.
  • Module 7: content optimization and semantic audit.
  • Bonus: topics related to web writing.

Note that depending on the formula chosen, you can benefit from individual support and common coaching.

Course duration

  • Classic Freedom or with support pack: 6 to 18 months. The course is available all year round.
  • Pro Freedom: 3 to 18 months. Registration is possible once a month, except in August and December.
  • Origami: 7 to 24 months. Sessions start twice a year, in September and January.

For the Pro Freedom course, plan for full-time instruction. For the other formulas, a commitment of about ten hours per week is recommended to complete the course within the allotted time.

Course price

  • Classic Freedom: €1,497.
  • Freedom with support pack: €1,894.
  • Pro Freedom: €2,000 (eligible for funding).
  • Origami: €2,500.

Please note that once the deadline has passed, access to the training platform is only available by paying an additional fee.


Although it is not a certified web copywriter training per se, you will receive a completion certificate after completing all the courses and submitting a portfolio.

Web Writing Training Certificate - Bruno Fontanet


This course is perfect if you are starting in web writing and want to launch yourself as an independent. You will learn all the basics needed for quality digital content writing and starting your new activity. Not to be overlooked, you benefit from a satisfaction guarantee or refund during the first 30 days (except for the Pro Freedom formula).

In addition, Lucie offers access to a private Facebook group where you can exchange with other students. Finally, depending on your evaluation, you also have the opportunity to join the editorial team of one of her partner sites.

To learn more about this course, I invite you to click on the following link: Web Writing Training.

2. Becoming a Freelance Web Copywriter: perfect for starting your entrepreneurial career

If you want to become a freelance web copywriter, Inès' training is definitely an interesting option. The online teaching offered allows you to take action for those who want to start a new career or retrain.

Trainer: Inès Sivignon

Before launching her distance learning course, Inès was herself a freelance web copywriter. She studied Applied Letters to Professional Writing (Bac+5) and works as a trainer for the online school Social Hack Club. Today, she has already trained over 100 students in web writing.

Course content

The course is divided into 7 distinct modules.

  • Module 1: discovering the work of a freelance web copywriter.
  • Module 2: mastering the rules of French (spelling, grammar, syntax, and conjugation).
  • Module 3: writing rules for all content on the Internet.
  • Module 4: SEO knowledge necessary for a web copywriter.
  • Module 5: basic concepts of storytelling.
  • Module 6: organization methods to start your freelance career.
  • Module 7: taking action (creating micro-businesses and prospecting).

Course duration

Access to the course is available for life. If you decide to commit full-time, it will take about one month to complete all the modules.


After completing all the courses offered in this online training, you will receive a training certificate.

Course price

The course can be funded by Pôle Emploi or using your CPF balance for an amount of €1,250. If you have to pay for it yourself, you will have to invest €990 to access all the content.


The lifetime access and all the advice provided to get started right away at the end of the course are two major assets. This training stands out from the others with its module dedicated to storytelling. In addition, Inès is very available and is happy to answer all her students' requests. You also have access to a dynamic private Facebook group.

To learn more about this course, I invite you to click on the following link: Becoming a Freelance Web Copywriter.

3. Rédacteur+++: the solution to advance your career

The Rédacteur+++ training is particularly aimed at web copywriters already in activity. You will learn all the essential SEO concepts. As a result, you can become a driving force for your clients and even expand your field of expertise by becoming an SEO consultant.

Trainer: Matthieu Verne

Matthieu fell into natural referencing in 1999 when he wanted his website to be more visible on search engines. Since 2012, he has been offering his SEO services to numerous website owners. He started distance learning in 2018, creating several offers for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and web copywriters.

Course content

This web copywriter training is divided into 8 modules, as well as a bonus section.

  • Module 1: pillars of organic referencing.
  • Module 2: keyword strategy.
  • Module 3: SEO technique.
  • Module 4: content optimization.
  • Module 5: link building.
  • Module 6: defining the strategy according to your clientele.
  • Module 7: collaborating with a blogger.
  • Module 8: working with an online store.
  • Bonus: practical tips and additional videos.

Course duration

Each week, a new module is available. Therefore, you should count at least 8 weeks to complete your training. However, some practical exercises (such as performing a complete SEO technical audit) can take about ten hours.

Please note that the Rédacteur+++ training is only open two to three times a year. However, you can join the waiting list in advance to make sure you don't miss the next launch.

Course price

The distance learning course is eligible for CPF funding and costs €999 for lifetime access. In addition, you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee or refund from the date of registration. So, there's no risk in trying it out!


After a quiz that covers the entire course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Web Writing Training Certificate Rédacteur+++ - Bruno Fontanet


After completing Matthieu's training, you have an area of expertise that allows you to meet the many needs of your clients. You then become an essential source of proposals to retain your clients and improve their visibility on Google. You also have a large number of SEO tools and templates for submitting your reports to your clients.

To ensure the quality of the training, all your exercises are corrected and the ReferenSEO team follows you throughout your progress. Once again, an active Facebook group allows you to exchange with other students and receive advice from those who have already completed the training.

To learn more about this course, I invite you to click on the following link: Rédacteur+++.

4. Online SEO Web Copywriter Training: the modular offer for small budgets

Although the quality of this training may not be equivalent to those offered above, it has the merit of being modular, comprehensive, and inexpensive.

Trainer: Gabrielle Denis

A former print journalist, Gabrielle retrained in digital marketing in 2009. She is the director of the SEO agency Editoile, which offers comprehensive web communication services.

Course content

The formulation is divided into 10 small modules.

  • Module 1: writing for Google and Internet users.
  • Module 2: designing editorial content.
  • Module 3: adapting to web writing.
  • Module 4: choosing keywords.
  • Module 5: knowledge of SEO tags.
  • Module 6: publishing content on WordPress.
  • Module 7: managing digital images.
  • Module 8: establishing an editorial strategy.
  • Module 9: traffic acquisition.
  • Module 10: monitoring referencing.

Course duration

Access to the course is for 6 months from registration. You have more than 60 videos for a total duration of 8 hours. Allow one to three months to complete all modules.

Course price

If you choose to purchase the entire course, the 10-module pack is offered at €324. On the other hand, if you want to go step by step, you can access a single module for €36. The course is eligible for funding for both employees and freelancers.


At the end of each module, you validate your skills with a multiple-choice quiz and receive a certificate of completion.


Very honestly, I discovered this training while doing my research for this article. I can't guarantee its quality. However, I find the possibility of buying the modules one by one interesting if you don't have the budget to invest in one of the other three courses offered.

To learn more about this training, I invite you to click on the following link: SEO Web Copywriter Training.

🎁 Free training for the web copywriter profession

Illustration image: free web writing training

If you have the spirit of an autodidact or don't have the budget to invest in a paid course, I offer you some ways to learn web writing for free below.

There was a time when there was a web copywriter mooc. Unfortunately, this option no longer seems available. However, here's how you can find free information to learn this profession.

Free web writing courses

Although they are not complete, you can benefit from interesting information by registering for these 2 free web copywriter courses.

  1. On this site, you can receive 4 free courses: Web Writing Free Training. A course is sent to you daily, and you cover the following topics: SEO, copywriter's role, optimization elements, writing techniques, and tips for being productive.
  2. The Circle of Copywriters offers a free mini-course. This 2-hour introduction to the copywriter profession provides a good overview of the reality of the work and offers some wise advice to help you write your first texts.

Blogs to learn web writing

To train yourself in web writing, you need to be curious and invest time in research. These are essential qualities if you want to become a web copywriter!

Here are 4 blogs where you can find good information to learn to write on the Web.

  1. SEOQuantum: the must! 😉
  2. ReferenSEO: natural referencing, blogger, and web copywriter.
  3. La Rédac du Web: entrepreneurship, web writing, SEO.
  4. Web Writing Training: tips and tricks for writing content.

YouTube channels to train in web writing

Don't hesitate to regularly consult these 3 YouTube channels to learn more about the web copywriter profession.

  1. Matthieu Verne: digital marketing, business, SEO, and web writing.
  2. Lucie Rondelet: tips for web copywriters.
  3. Olivier Govart: mindset, freelance, and writing tips.
## 🎬 Conclusion To be sure of having a good web copywriter training, you must count on at least several months and a few hundred euros. However, you have the option to learn web writing for free if you don't have the means and are not in a hurry. The list of all available offers being too long and difficult to sort, I have shared what I consider the best, whether in free offer or paid training. Have you found the information you wanted to be able to get started? Are you ready to acquire the necessary skills to practice this wonderful profession? And if you have already set foot in the world of web writing, how did you do it? Maybe your favorites don't appear here? Don't hesitate to share how you managed to train in web writing.

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