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Why Create Blog Posts on a Business Website?

le Tuesday 07 June 2022 - Mise à jour Saturday 02 March 2024
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Having a business website is good (even essential). But profiting from it and attracting qualified traffic is even better! To achieve this, there is an infallible way: creating blog posts. Are you skeptical? I invite you to discover the 9 reasons to start an SEO blog.

🚀 Quick read: 9 reasons to create blog posts

Infographie . 9 raisons de créer des articles de blog
By reading the rest of this blog post, you will fully understand how a blog will help you achieve these goals.

❓ What is a blog?

The word "blog" is a contraction of two English words: web and log. Thus, in this context, the definition of a blog is: an online journal. Initially, it was more of a personal diary that could be shared online. Bloggers would share their vacations, experiences, or thoughts. However, things have now evolved significantly, and a blog has become an indispensable content marketing tool for businesses, regardless of their field.

If you look at the internet statistics (visible in real time at, you will see that there are millions of blog posts published per day. If this is the case, it's because having a blog is an excellent way to improve visibility and increase revenue. How? That's what I'll explain in the rest of this post!

Capture d'écran : statistiques internet pour créer un blog

Looking at these statistics, you'll also notice that there are nearly two billion websites! But then, what is the difference between a website and a blog? A professional website is used to sell services (showcase site) or products (e-commerce). Therefore, it is rather static. On the other hand, a blog is a different type of site (or a specific part of a website) used to publish articles on current events, provide tips and tricks, or share a point of view. It is therefore dynamic.

💥 Why start an SEO blog? 9 good reasons

Image d'illustration : pourquoi créer des articles de blog ?

Whether you're a craftsman, e-merchant, entrepreneur, or just want to make money on the Internet, you have at least 9 good reasons to start a blog! However, know that writing an SEO article for your blog requires time (on average four hours) or a certain investment (if you decide to hire a copywriter). However, as you will see, blogging will bring considerable benefits to your business communication, your visibility on search engines, and your revenue. You'll see, starting a blog is extremely profitable!

1. Create blog posts to demonstrate your expertise

When you provide good advice and demonstrate your level of expertise through your blog posts, you become an essential player in your field of activity. As users get used to reading you, they consider you a reference in the matter, which significantly increases their level of trust. By giving you all the credit you deserve, they will be more likely to buy your products or services and recommend you.

2. Create blog posts to establish your brand image

Following on from the previous point, creating blog posts allows you to refine your brand image. Indeed, as users now trust your publications, they can identify with your content. To achieve this, you should particularly focus on your editorial line and your editorial charter. These two elements will guide the business communication on your blog by defining the tone you use, the topics you cover, and your publication frequency.

3. Create blog posts to improve the user experience

When you create posts on your blog, you offer free information and advice that users need. Therefore, by browsing your blog, they find all the answers to their questions and are satisfied with their experience. Be sure to add quality content and not to push too hard for sales. To please your readers, try to write comprehensive guides, comparisons, or step-by-step instructions or concrete examples.

4. Create blog posts to improve your SEO

Starting an SEO blog is an excellent strategy! First of all, your site is dynamic. Google likes this, and its indexing robots then come more frequently to browse your site to discover your new content. In addition, you create an opportunity to significantly improve your visibility on search engines thanks to the following points:

- you become an unbeatable specialist on specific topics by working on your keyword clustering;
- as you write numerous articles, you are visible on a large number of keywords;
- you improve your organic ranking by setting up a comprehensive internal linking;
- by offering quality content, your articles are shared on social networks, and you get free incoming links (link building).

5. Create blog posts to attract quality traffic

As you improve your ranking on search engines and your blog posts are positioned on numerous keywords, it's only logical that your organic traffic increases! Although this is a considerable advantage, it is not enough to make your blog profitable. However, by writing targeted blog posts, you get qualified traffic, i.e., perfectly matching your buyer persona. This leads us directly to the next two points...

6. Create blog posts to collect emails

Email marketing is probably one of the most powerful ways to sell on the Internet. Moreover, besides the commercial objective, you maintain a close contact with your audience. However, to implement this, you need to have an email list available. And, once again, your blog can help you achieve this goal! Indeed, you take advantage of this traffic channel to offer a subscription to your newsletter. Thus, you have a list of qualified contacts that you will either inform about your news, advise for free, or push to conversion.

7. Create blog posts to increase your conversion rate

As we just saw, thanks to your blog posts, you attract quality traffic to your site and more easily collect your visitors' emails. Thus, not only could your readers make a direct purchase, but you also have the opportunity to use your blog posts in your conversion funnel. Indeed, by freely sharing information and naturally directing your prospect towards the solution they need, you perfectly meet their expectations and thus increase your revenue.

8. Create blog posts to know your audience

With a blog, you also have the unique opportunity to interact with your readers directly on your website. Therefore, you can better understand the needs of your readers and refine your customer profile (by taking into account the responses and analyzing demographic data on Google Analytics). Thus, you can offer relevant solutions to meet your prospects' expectations. Note that if you do not wish to enable comments on your blog, you can simply share your articles on social networks to interact with your audience and collect this valuable information.

9. Create blog posts to retain your readers

Finally, creating blog posts makes your readers want to come back to your site for more information and encourages them to recommend you. Indeed, they know that if they need information about your field of expertise, they will find the answer on your blog. This is another great advantage of maintaining a good dynamic by offering frequent and regular publications! The loyalty of your readership is therefore an asset for your brand, your SEO, and your business.

## 🎬 Conclusion

When you have a website without a blog, you are only visible on a limited number of keywords, your SEO does not evolve, and your customers do not return (or rarely). You've understood it, having a blog is then an ideal solution if you want to improve your ranking, attract qualified traffic, retain your customers, and increase your revenue.

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