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Would you like to be able to generate SEO text in just a few minutes? Here's the solution! is a French automatic writing software that creates high-quality SEO content. Using OpenAI and Chat-J technologies, coupled with SEOQuantum's semantic crawl tool, it revolutionizes the world of web writing. How does it work and what are its benefits? Does it replace a professional copywriter? We tell you everything!

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In this post, we detail everything you need to know about

  • What is it? An artificial intelligence that writes content optimized for organic search.
  • How does it work? You just need to enter your main keyword to get a web text in a few minutes.
  • The benefits of this tool? Speed, quality, and simplicity are all there!
  • Is it a threat to professional copywriters? Human expertise remains essential in web writing.
  • Who should use Copywriters, website owners, and SEO experts are concerned.
For more details on all these elements, just keep reading. 😊

❓ What is is a tool that uses AI to automatically generate content optimized for search engines. To do this, it leverages 3 cutting-edge technologies: OpenAI, Chat-J, and SEOQuantum. This French tool was developed by the entire SEOQuantum team with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the writing of SEO texts.

The goal is simple: to offer a high-performance algorithm to assist web copywriters and site publishers in their daily tasks.

Free offers (one content generation every 24 hours) and premiums (starting at €0.95 per text and access to the API allowing integration on WordPress, Google Doc, etc.) are available.

In addition, WordPress and Google Doc plugins are under development and will be unveiled in the coming days. If you want more information on this subject, feel free to join this Discord group to ask all your questions to Anthony:

Finally, another great strength of this tool is the consideration of current events. Indeed, the content generation tool has integrated recent information into its database. Need to write an article about the latest football match of the French team? It's possible with!

1. OpenAI

OpenAI is the American company that, among other things, developed the brilliant ChatGPT tool. By naturally chatting with this computer program, you get all the answers to your questions. Moreover, it can be very useful for professionals and students to support and speed up their work.[1]

2. Chat-J

Developed by the French start-up NLP Cloud, this automatic language processing model is the open-source competitor of GPT-3. By making the code visible, modifiable, and transferable by everyone, they offer an ethical form of AI.[2]

3. SEOQuantum

SEOQuantum offers 3 comprehensive tools to optimize texts to improve their visibility on search engines: keyword strategy, semantic analysis, and semantic crawler. It saves copywriters considerable time and offers concrete solutions to boost a site's SEO (keyword clustering, internal linking, etc.).[3]

🤖 How does work?

To start, you just need to write the key query you want to work on. In less than 3 minutes, you then get the following results based on the SEOQuantum content brief:

  • a unique and high-quality SEO text,
  • a copywritten title (H tag),
  • a precise meta description,
  • an optimized URL.

Once the results are obtained, you might be tempted to publish them as is. However, even if the sentence formulation is excellent and the information verified, we advise you to check the text, personalize it, and add all the information you deem necessary.

Indeed, human expertise remains essential in order to offer high-quality, high-value content to your readers. It remains a computer model! In particular, many repetitions can be observed and hinder reading comfort. Proofread and edit your texts before publishing!

✅ The benefits of this automatic writing software

As you've understood, is an extremely powerful tool for generating value-added SEO content. It stands out significantly from its competition by:

  • the quality of the information provided,
  • the naturalness of the tone and form,
  • the optimization for SEO.

Also note that the length of the content is also optimized. On average, the generated texts are between 800 and 1,000 words. Moreover, there is no risk of duplicate content, as uses an ultra-high-performance language model that guarantees a unique text with each automated generation.

3 main advantages are still to be specified:

  1. Cost: generate optimized content for less than one euro! Even with an offshore copywriter, you won't get this rate.
  2. Speed: did you spend several hours writing your texts? Now it takes you less than 3 minutes!
  3. Simplicity: no complicated options and complex settings with this tool. understands the Search Intent and automatically adapts the tone to the readership.

🤔 Does this threaten the profession of web copywriter?

No! A professional French copywriter does not have to worry about such a tool. Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, is a writing assistance tool that requires the review and adaptation of an expert. However, it will certainly revolutionize the productivity of the profession.

Do you need to write content on a subject that doesn't inspire you? Do you have writer's block? Has your client just ordered a large number of articles? Are you in a rush and absolutely need to deliver your text in a few hours? is your best ally!

It is also the ideal assistant for beginning copywriters, especially if you write for writing platforms. As you are paid peanuts, don't hesitate to optimize your writing time by using!

If such software can be a threat to some, it would indeed be the platforms and offshore copywriters who might worry. Although some delivered texts are of very high quality, this is far from the majority. Thus, clients can often get better, faster, and cheaper content by using this writing aid tool.

🎯 Who is concerned by

Do you want to create dozens or even hundreds of pages on your website and understand the topics on which you rank best on Google?

Do you want to reduce your writing time to write more and focus on the quality of your texts?

Do you have numerous articles to write for your link building?

You are concerned!

Publisher and website owner

If you launch a website or need to add content in bulk, will be useful to you. For an unbeatable price, you generate a large amount of text in record time. After a simple edit and adaptation to your editorial charter, you can publish your pages without wasting time.

Web copywriter is the ideal assistant for web copywriters who want to boost their productivity. By basing yourself on this solid foundation, you can quickly speed up your work and focus on the quality and specific optimization of hot zones.

SEO Specialist

This is particularly the case if you offer links on external sites (link building). It's not always easy to meet orders on time. Now it's possible, without spending too much time and money.!

🎬 Conclusion is a revolutionary tool for generating optimized content without delay and at a lower cost. However, it does not replace the expertise of a web copywriter! This software saves time and money, but should not be used without editing work performed by an SEO writing specialist.

Based on artificial intelligence and SEOQuantum algorithms, nevertheless offers a unique solution among automatic content creation software. Easy to use, cheap, and fast, it's an invaluable opportunity for digital marketing professionals.

Do you want to produce content optimized for Google in less than 3 minutes? Try, you'll be amazed!

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