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How to Quickly List Your Business on Google to Improve Your Online Visibility?

le Thursday 08 June 2023 - Mise à jour Sunday 03 March 2024
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For any business looking to make a place in the market, it is essential to be visible online and rank in a good position in search engine results, especially on Google. Therefore, optimizing your ranking on this platform is crucial! Here is a detailed guide to help you quickly rank your business on Google.

🚀 Quick read: summary of the article content

In this blog post, you will discover:

  • the 3 benefits of being on the first page of Google for your business (CTR, qualified customers, increased visibility);
  • how to rank your business for free on Google (SEO, GMB, social networks, and YouTube);
  • the paid solution to be visible at the top of the SERP (SEA);
  • the best tools to optimize your ranking campaigns.
Do you want to learn more about these topics and quickly improve your presence on the most used search engine in the world? Just keep reading!

3️⃣ 3 benefits of being ranked on the first page of Google

quickly rank your business on Google

Why should you focus on Google ranking? If I tell you that there are 99,000 queries made per second[1] on the search engine, are you convinced? Indeed, with more than 8.5 billion searches per day, it would be a shame to miss this unique opportunity to boost your online business.

Moreover, being visible on Google has 3 benefits that you cannot ignore:

  1. The click-through rate (CTR) of the first page of Google is 91%[2]: it is essential to be there! Note that the first position on Google has a CTR of 27.6%[3], which means that more than one in four Google users choose the first displayed result!
  2. Internet users know what they want: when you perform a search on Google, you know exactly what you want. And this is even more true when you have a purchasing intention. Moreover, when it comes to local commerce, 86% of consumers have gone through a Google search before making their purchases[4].
  3. Google is the most visited site in France: with more than 30 billion annual visits (2.5 billion per month)[5], Google is by far the most popular site in France. Being visible and well-positioned on the search engine results pages is therefore an undeniable advantage for your business.

🎁 Rank your business for free on Google

Rank your business for free on Google

Organic (or free) ranking, although slow, is the best long-term way to be visible on Google. To achieve lasting good results, you need to implement a ranking strategy and work on the following 3 elements:

  1. Content: take care of your texts and images to appear in Google search results. High-quality content is essential to position your business at the top of the SERP and enjoy the benefits it provides.
  2. Technique: user experience should be particularly favored when creating or optimizing your website. Moreover, you should also take advantage of all the ranking tips that Google analyzes first.
  3. Popularity: to prove to Google that you are trustworthy, the best solution is to find recognized sites that recommend you. By creating quality backlinks, you have a very good chance of being supported by the search engine.
To learn more about these three pillars of ranking, feel free to consult this article: "Checklist for on-page and off-page SEO (technique, content, and external links)".

However, organic ranking is not the only free technique to be visible on search engines. Indeed, SEO takes time and effort before being effective (especially if your domain is highly competitive). Therefore, to quickly rank your business on Google, you have other options:

  • The Google my Business listing: free, easy to optimize, and also visible on Google Maps, your GMB listing is your best ally for improving your local ranking. Optimizing your Google my Business profile will significantly increase your chances of appearing in the top results when a user performs a local query or related to your industry.
  • Social networks: implementing an editorial strategy on social media is another effective way to boost the reputation of your business on the Internet. To optimize your presence on these platforms, regularly publish relevant and engaging content, making sure to include links to your website.
  • YouTube videos: optimizing your YouTube videos allows for better visibility on Google, especially when queries lend themselves to it (e.g., "how to peel an onion"). Indeed, since 2006 (YouTube's acquisition by Google), the search engine displays videos at the top of the SERP when this type of response seems most relevant.

💰 Rank your business on Google by paying

Rank your business on Google by paying

Do you want your business to be immediately visible on Google? Then paid ranking (SEA) is the solution you need to quickly increase your visibility on the Web. It consists of creating advertising campaigns that appear in the top search results for specific keywords.

To take advantage of this solution, create advertising campaigns on Google Ads targeting relevant keywords for your business. Also, make sure to write attractive ads that encourage users to click and regularly adjust your bids to optimize your advertising spending.

The benefits of SEA

Fast and effective, SEA allows you to immediately place your business in the top results of Google's search pages. Moreover, you can easily choose your publication durations, allowing you to stick to the budget allocated to your advertising campaigns.

In addition, you can adjust your publications at any time and control your return on investment. However, be aware that this solution can be expensive and that your visibility stops as soon as your advertisement disappears.

It is therefore an excellent short-term solution for ranking your business on Google. Using it to start your business or announce a new product is very profitable. Think carefully before starting and always keep an eye on your results to make the most of your paid advertising on the search engine.

Target your audience

Choosing your keywords and targeting your audience are two crucial factors for successful advertising campaigns. This allows you to attract highly qualified traffic to your website and significantly improve your conversion rate.

To correctly target your audience, Google relies on 6 factors[6]:

  1. Affinity segments: target your customer based on their habits, interests, and favorite topics.
  2. Custom segments: reach your audience using URLs, apps, and keywords.
  3. Demographic data: these are the biographical information that characterizes your target in the long term.
  4. Life events: adapt your settings according to the important stages of your audience's life.
  5. On the market: more easily reach users by taking into account their purchasing habits.
  6. Data segments: reconnect with readers who have already interacted with your business (website visits and customer history).

🛠️ The best tools to rank your business on Google

Google ranking is complex, and even the best experts need tools to analyze and optimize their campaigns. Here are some (free and paid) that will help you achieve your goal.

1. Analyze your audience with Google Analytics

Screenshot: Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google. It allows you to better understand your audience and analyze the source of your traffic. You get very useful data about:

  • the different acquisition channels (SEO, SEA, social networks, videos, direct, and referring sites),
  • the engagement of your readers (events, conversion, landing pages),
  • the monetization of your site (purchase path, e-commerce data, and app purchases),
  • the loyalty of your audience,
  • the demographic data of your traffic (location, language, gender, age, and interests),
  • the performance of your advertising campaigns on Google.

Thus, with this information, you can adapt your next SEA and SEO campaigns to best meet the needs and habits of your readers.

2. Know your performance with Google Search Console

Another free tool offered by Google, the Search Console is an excellent way to:

  • know the performance of all your pages;
  • find the most effective keywords;
  • control the indexing of your URLs;
  • analyze the web signals of your site (user experience on mobile and desktop).
To learn more about this topic, I invite you to read the following article: "7 steps to use the new Search Console effectively".

Moreover, this tool allows access to Google Search Console Insights, which is very useful for:

  • discovering the content that appeals most to your audience;
  • improving your content strategy;
  • creating quality texts.

3. Find the right keywords with Semrush, Ranxplorer, and Keyword Planner

Here are 3 tools that mainly allow you to find the right keywords, whether for free or paid ranking.


Screenshot: Semrush menu

Semrush is probably the most widely used SEO tool by professional SEOs. It allows you to:

  • perform an SEO audit of your site;
  • research and track keywords;
  • analyze your backlinks;
  • monitor your positioning on search engines.

However, this tool is quite expensive (at least $119.95 per month). It is therefore favored by SEO agencies and large companies.


Screenshot of Ranxplorer

Much cheaper than Semrush, Ranxplorer is a French tool that also allows you to analyze a large number of useful information to rank your business on Google:

  • research and positioning of keywords,
  • tracking Google ranking,
  • SEO and SEA performance,
  • link analysis,
  • comparison with competition.

Keyword Planner

Screenshot of Google Keyword Planner

This free SEA keyword planning tool is offered by Google. With Keyword Planner, you can:

  • refine your ads based on your business objectives,
  • discover and research keywords suitable for your activity,
  • get bid estimates,
  • develop your advertising plan.

4. Optimize your content with SEOQuantum

Screenshot of SEO tools offered by SEOQuantum

With 3 cutting-edge SEO tools, SEOQuantum is your best ally for optimizing all the content on your site:

  • keyword strategy by thematic cluster,
  • semantic analysis to optimize your content,
  • semantic crawler to analyze your website's publications.

Moreover, know that with SEOQuantum, you can create editorial calendars to manage your publications and integrate the Search Console to find the best growth opportunities. Thus, you can save considerable time and quickly boost your business's ranking.

5. Create optimized texts with is an automatic writing software developed in collaboration with SEOQuantum. It allows you to generate a high-quality, fully optimized text for search engines in just a few minutes. Simple, fast, and inexpensive, this tool is ideal if:

  • you want to save time,
  • you want to offer SEO texts that take into account the user's search intent.

Web copywriters and SEO consultants have widely adopted this way of working to speed up the content creation process. Do the same!

6. Know your popularity with Ahrefs or Majestic SEO

Do you want to implement an effective link building strategy? To do this, you have the choice between 2 powerful tools, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO.


Screenshot: Ahrefs menu

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that allows, among other things, to analyze the popularity of your business website. In addition to giving you a popularity index, the number of referring domains, the number of backlinks, you can use this platform to:

  • track your SEO performance,
  • research backlinks,
  • know your positioning by keyword,
  • find keyword ideas,
  • perform a ranking audit.

Majestic SEO

Screenshot: Majestic SEO ranking audit extension

With the Majestic SEO plugin, you can easily analyze the popularity of all the sites you visit, and of course, your own! Moreover, when you visit a web page, you can easily access very interesting information:

  • incoming links from other sites,
  • outgoing links contained in the displayed page.

7. Manage your social networks with Hootsuite or Buffer

Managing social media can be extremely time-consuming. To save time and be more efficient, here are two social media management platforms that can be very useful.


Screenshot Hootsuite

Very popular, Hootsuite is an extremely easy-to-use social media management platform. With this tool, you can easily:

  • create complete digital marketing campaigns,
  • define your audience accurately,
  • schedule your publications across all your networks,
  • monitor and track your campaigns.


Screenshot Buffer

Very easy to use, Buffer is particularly appreciated by beginners. Moreover, you can use this social media management platform for free if you are starting on networks. You then benefit from the following features:

  • scheduling and publishing your posts,
  • help with creating a landing page on your site,
  • assistance through artificial intelligence.
## 🎬 Conclusion

To quickly rank your business on Google, you have two options:

- Free but slower: implement an SEO strategy for your business website, optimize your Google my Business listing, be present on social networks, and create videos on YouTube.
- Instant but paid: take advantage of SEA to immediately appear on the first page of Google's SERP. By perfectly targeting your audience, you ensure a good ROI in the short term.

Moreover, several tools, free or paid, allow you to optimize your publications and your site to further improve your business's ranking on Google:

- Google Analytics for SEO and SEA;
- Google Search Console for your business's organic ranking;
- Semrush, Ranxplorer, and Keyword Planner for finding the right SEO and SEA keywords;
- SEOQuantum to optimize your website's content;
- to speed up your text writing;
- Ahrefs and Majestic SEO to analyze your site's popularity and refine your link building strategy;
- Hootsuite and Buffer to manage and schedule your social media campaigns.

And you? What solutions have you implemented to ensure your target customers find you on the leading search engine? Are you more into SEO or SEA? Or do you think, like me, that a balanced mix of the two is the best strategy?

Don't hesitate to go through the information provided in this blog post point by point to boost your visibility on Google!

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