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Where to Find a Web Copywriter?

le Friday 24 February 2023 - Mise à jour Saturday 02 March 2024
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Searching for a web copywriter can be a real headache if you're not organized. However, if you properly prepare your project and know where to find a web copywriter, then it becomes a breeze! Discover the 3 steps to take beforehand to find the professional that suits you and 5 places where they hide!

🚀 Quick read: how to find a web copywriter?

To find the web copywriter that will meet your expectations, you must first:

  • define your writing project;
  • evaluate the skills of the web copywriter that matches your project;
  • prepare the documents that will allow them to meet your expectations.

You will then have 5 possible methods to find the web copywriter that meets your selection criteria:

  1. ask your acquaintances and professional contacts;
  2. take a tour on social networks;
  3. ask a digital agency;
  4. search on Google;
  5. use freelance or web writing platforms.
In this post, I detail all these essential points so that you can find the web copywriter you need!

3️⃣ 3 points to prepare before finding a web copywriter

The web copywriter you are going to hire must match your specific needs. If you are looking for a professional before defining your writing project, you will not get good results. 3 steps are enough to find the web copywriter who will fully meet your expectations.

Prepare web writing project before recruitment

1. Prepare your writing project

You need texts for your website, that's a fact! But that's not enough to hire someone to write them. Indeed, many pieces of information are crucial to find the professional you really need! Here is a checklist of what you need to establish before hiring a web copywriter.

  • communication axes: website, social media, newsletters, YouTube, etc.;
  • writing volume: per day, week, month;
  • the profile of the typical reader: average age, location, private or professional situation, interests, etc.;
  • the level of skill and expertise required in your web content;
  • additional skills: SEO optimization, copywriting, research of royalty-free images, graphic design, integration on CMS, knowledge of HTML, etc.;
  • your budget dedicated to your web communication: the rate of web copywriters depends on many factors;
  • the deadlines before your first publication and between the following ones.

With all this information, you can then target your searches and have an effective first interview with the web copywriters you have selected!

2. Define the required qualities of the web copywriter

After you have looked at your own needs, you can then easily define the qualities of the professional you want to hire. There are thousands of web copywriters and they all have skills that differentiate them from each other. So, before you start your search, know what profile of copywriter you want to hire.

This reminder can help you, but feel free to complete it according to your needs and your project.

In addition, a good web copywriter must necessarily have the following skills:

  • perfect mastery of spelling, grammar, and syntax,
  • curiosity,
  • responsiveness and adaptability,
  • ability to understand the client's needs and adapt their writing to the reader's profiles,
  • summarize an idea in a few relevant words (synthesis spirit).

During your recruitment, don't hesitate to ask candidates to provide you with their portfolio. You can then form your own opinion of the quality of their work and their level of competence.

3. Create an editorial line and a detailed briefing

Before placing your first order, you must summarize your needs in two essential documents. They will guide the copywriter and reduce back-and-forths after the content is written.

1. Editorial line

The editorial line is a synthesis of your digital communication requirements. It must be representative of your content strategy and your brand image. It allows you to:

  • convey the identity of your company,
  • credit your brand,
  • direct content production,
  • harmonize your message,
  • synchronize the work of your editorial team.

To create an editorial line, you must:

  • determine the topics to be covered,
  • specify your objectives (organic traffic, conversion, loyalty, etc.),
  • target your readership,
  • personalize your communication (tone and form),
  • analyze your competition on the web and get inspired by the best.

2. Writing briefing

The writing brief should be as precise as possible. It allows the copywriter to save time and get a satisfactory result from the first version. In this document, you should detail the following points:

  • main keyword,
  • approximate title,
  • content length,
  • writing plan,
  • objective (conversion, loyalty, SEO, etc.),
  • type of content (blog article, landing page, etc.),
  • deadline,
  • budget,
  • other needs (royalty-free images, other communication channels, etc.).

The more complete this document is, the more the delivered content will meet your expectation. Take the time to create a standard file before your first order. You can then update it for each of your requests. The web copywriter will thus be able to write your texts faster and more efficiently.

5️⃣ 5 tips to find a web copywriter

Now that you know your needs and requirements and have prepared all the necessary documents, you can then serenely search for the web copywriter that suits you. To do this, there are five methods that I detail below.

5 tips to find a web copywriter

1. Use your network

Do you know other website owners or bloggers? Don't hesitate to ask them if they know a competent web copywriter! Indeed, recommendation is an excellent way to find a serious and efficient professional.

Ask your acquaintances if the web copywriter delivers his texts within the given deadlines, what his rates are, and if he respects the guidelines. You can also inquire about the results obtained and thus get a very good idea of the professionalism of the copywriter before contacting him.

2. Search for a web copywriter on social networks

The best social network to find a web copywriter is undoubtedly LinkedIn. You just have to type "web copywriter" in the search bar and browse the profiles of the candidates. You can then easily get in touch with those you have selected and ask them all the preliminary questions before a first interview.

You can also find a web copywriter on Facebook. This time, the most effective way is to join specialized groups and directly make your request on them. Detail your needs and add all the necessary information to save your time. Moreover, you can get inspired by recommendations made by former clients who are always present on these groups.

3. Go through a digital agency

Whether it's an SEO agency, a web marketing agency, or a website creation agency, they certainly have good contacts to suggest. You could even ask web writing trainers if former students could meet your search criteria.

However, I recommend you always take the time to have an interview with the copywriter you want to hire. This way, you can detail your expectations precisely and judge for yourself if he seems to meet your recruitment criteria.

4. Find a web copywriter on the Internet

A simple search on Google is also a way to find a web copywriter. Some have websites and you can then have all the preliminary information before contacting them. To refine your searches, think about adding a keyword that seems relevant to you (for example "web copywriter Paris" or "automotive web copywriter"). This will refine the results and speed up the process.

5. Browse freelance and web writing platforms

There are many freelance platforms where web copywriters are present. This is particularly the case with Malt which is full of web writing professionals. If you want to order cheap texts in quantity, you could turn to the following platforms:

Warning: the quality of the texts delivered by web writing platforms is often inconsistent, and sometimes even poor for the cheapest ones!

## 🎬 Conclusion

There are therefore two steps to follow to find a web copywriter:

1. prepare the work beforehand to better target the searches and improve the quality of the delivered contents;
2. search for the profiles of web copywriters that suit you by using the right channels.

It's your turn! Define your project, deduce your needs from it, and prepare the necessary documents to guide the work of your future copywriter. You'll see, finding the web copywriter will no longer be a problem and the results obtained will certainly be very good!

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