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SEO Watch: Stay Informed to Boost Your Ranking!

le Thursday 21 July 2022 - Mise à jour Saturday 02 March 2024
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No matter your industry, staying informed about your field is a necessity to remain competitive and satisfy your customers. The same goes for organic search engine optimization! Discover without further delay how to set up your SEO monitoring. As a bonus, you will have 7 websites and 5 Twitter accounts that you can start following as soon as you finish reading.

🚀 Express Reading: Summary of what you will learn in this article

  1. What is SEO monitoring: a concept aimed at staying informed about the latest in organic search engine optimization.
  2. Why monitor organic search engine optimization: 3 good reasons to keep track of SEO news.
  3. How to monitor SEO: good tips to be efficient and not miss anything.
  4. Websites to closely follow: 7 websites to consult to stay informed about current SEO practices.
  5. Social networks to consult: 5 Twitter accounts to add to your SEO news tracking.
Read on to learn more about each of these topics.

❓ Definition of SEO monitoring?

SEO monitoring is staying informed about all the news related to organic search engine optimization. This of course includes search algorithm updates, but also the evolution of user behavior on search engines and websites.

To do this, you must therefore be on the lookout for all available information on SEO. Thus, you constantly scour the Web for information. You can then adapt your SEO strategy and update your content at any time to avoid losing your precious positions in Google's SERP.

📈 3 good reasons to monitor organic search engine optimization

By staying informed about SEO best practices, you:

  1. know the current trends;
  2. stay competitive;
  3. consolidate your positioning on search engine results pages.

1. Search engine trends

In 2021, 14 updates to Google's algorithms were officially announced and 22 more are suspected (they have not been confirmed by the Mountain View Giant). This means there was an update every 10 days!

Infographic of Google updates in 2021 (MOZ)

Infographic by:

Even though they are not all major and therefore do not require adaptations on your part, you understand why it is so important to monitor SEO. However, if you are not informed of a core update, you risk being penalized for a practice that was previously tolerated by Google.

You might also not know the new needs of Googlers and, as a result, not optimize your content accordingly. This is notably what happened with the advent of voice search and the rapid need to work on long-tail keywords to adapt to this new practice and attract highly qualified traffic to your website.

2. Stay ahead of your competitors

Find the information before your competitors to outperform them in the SERP! Here is a great advantage of frequent SEO monitoring. Of course, you must quickly adapt your off-page and on-page factors to stay ahead of your competition.

A quick daily glance ensures that you are informed of the latest SEO news. It is certain that the information will spread quickly, but, if you have a head start, you could gain a few places in Google's results pages.

3. Consolidation of your Google positioning

SEO monitoring also allows you to maintain your ranking on Google. Indeed, this is the direct consequence of the two previous advantages. By taking into account SEO news as soon as it is available, you can make the necessary updates.

Thus, you are not caught off guard and consistently respond to the evolution of search algorithms and user needs. Thus, you can constantly optimize your site for Google and improve the UX. Therefore, during the next visit of the Googlebot to your site, you will not be penalized.

👨‍🏫 How to monitor SEO?

How to monitor SEO?

Ideally, computer monitoring should be done daily. It can take only a few seconds if there are no updates. The best thing is to create a daily routine. You could learn about SEO news while having your morning coffee or when you are on public transportation. It's up to you to integrate this new habit according to your reality!

SEO monitoring should be done on two main communication channels: specialized websites and social networks (mainly Twitter). However, to avoid spending a lot of time, here are two tips:

  1. Group all the sites you follow in Feedly. You can quickly see the latest information published in a single interface.
  2. Create a pro account on social networks to only have access to messages that concern your industry and SEO.

As soon as you find an important press release, you must keep it to be able to access it at the time of your updates. To do this, you can use Evernote, for example. The advantage of this powerful tool is that you have free access to all your links from your mobile and your computer.

🎁 7 websites to follow for good SEO monitoring

Below is a list of websites and blogs, in French or English, that you can confidently add to your favorites for SEO news monitoring.

1. Google's blogs

Obviously, to know the news of SEO, the best is to search for the information at its source! Google sometimes warns of its future updates and good practices to implement for the optimization of its organic search engine optimization.

On the Google blog, you will find general information about the company (several articles per day). Even if the topics do not always concern SEO, you will find everything you need to know to be informed about the evolution of the most used search engine.

More specialized, the Google Developers blog, transmits information less frequently. However, the posts deal with changes made to the algorithms and contain guidelines for content marketing players.

2. Abundance

Created by Olivier Andrieu, a French SEO specialist, Abundance is a blog dedicated to SEO. Every day, you will find an article that informs you of the fresh news from Google.

The news is often translated from English sources and contains relevant remarks and comments. If you prefer audio content, the texts are often taken up in detailed videos.

3. Search Engine Land

If you are fluent in English, Search Engine Land is an unmissable American blog for SEO news monitoring. This webzine offers several pieces of content per day for organic search engine optimization experts.

Their great strength is knowing how to spot SEO trends and predict the actions to take accordingly. You will also find detailed tutorials that make it easy to apply updates to your website.

4. Moz Blog

Another must-read blog for SEO experts, Moz has a team of writers specialized in SEO and internet browsers. This American site is therefore considered a reference in the field.

The frequency of publications is much lower than that of Search Engine Land. However, the quality of the information is excellent! They also offer very useful practical advice for all web marketing professionals.

5. SEMRush's blog

SEMRush's tool is one of the most popular among SEO professionals. In addition, their blog (in French) offers quality content, especially regarding lexical fields and semantics. If you are SEO web writers or SEO consultants, you can't miss it!

In addition, this site is interesting for discovering case studies, concrete examples, and tutorials. This practical aspect is very appreciable, because even if you know the theory, implementing the measures is not always intuitive.

6. Oncrawl

Oncrawl is a very technical web magazine available in French. A true specialist in data science applied to SEO, the complexity of the topics covered can sometimes make reading difficult for a novice.

Published once or twice a week, the SEO topics covered are mainly intended for organic search engine optimization experts. This site also offers very detailed step-by-step guides that will allow you to implement the technical tips offered.

7. Secrets2Moteur

Secrets2Moteur does not create content per se. It is the owners of websites specialized in web marketing who publish directly on this platform. The advantage for the user who does his monitoring is to be able to find several sources on a single site.

Since 2000, this curator site allows you to monitor SEO news, but also SEA or social networks. It is therefore very interesting to take it into account during your daily monitoring to improve your editorial strategy as a whole.


Subscribe to the newsletters of these sites to not miss any SEO news.

👀 Twitter and SEO monitoring

From a professional point of view, a conscious use of social networks is really productive. Be careful, however, not to get carried away in recreational scrolling!

And for SEO monitoring, there is one that stands out: Twitter! And why not LinkedIn or Facebook?

  • LinkedIn is a good source of information, but mainly deals with quite basic topics. Indeed, SEO professionals willingly share interesting techniques, but nevertheless common. Thus, SEO monitoring on this medium does not bring anything more than what you will find on specialized sites.
  • Facebook groups dedicated to SEO can be a good source of mutual aid. However, they are more often used to promote services or to find a professional than to transmit fresh information.

On the other hand, Twitter is certainly the most reliable source of information for conducting SEO monitoring on social networks. Indeed, it is the communication channel used by Google to make official announcements and by SEO experts to share their discoveries.

Here are 5 accounts to follow on Twitter to stay informed:

  1. Danny Sullivan: responsible for Google Search Liaison, he is among the first to relay crucial information from Mountain View.
  2. John Mueller: webmaster trend analyst at Google, he is very active on Twitter and responds accurately to many questions asked by users.
  3. Gary Illyes: he holds the same position as John Mueller and his tweets often give a good idea of Google's position on important SEO topics.
  4. Pedro Dias: former Google employee, he has more freedom to assert his expert opinion on organic search engine optimization.
  5. Barry Schwartz: one of the most recognized SEO specialists in the United States and very active on Search Engine Land.
## 🎬 Conclusion

The digital world is in constant evolution! By keeping you informed of all the news from Google and contemporary SEO trends:

- you have the opportunity to continuously adapt your SEO strategy;
- you meet the requirements of search engine algorithms;
- you respond to the evolving needs of Internet users.

So, to avoid being caught off guard, it's time for you to take action and set up your SEO monitoring:

1. create an account on Freedly and add the 7 sites proposed above;
2. start following the 5 Twitter accounts suggested next.

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