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What are the Best SEO Tools for a Comprehensive Audit?

le Tuesday 10 May 2022 - Mise à jour Sunday 03 March 2024
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If you want to analyze all the data from your website and save time, you need the best SEO audit tools. Free or paid, I invite you to discover the SEO expert's toolbox. You will be able to check if the three pillars of SEO (technical, content, and popularity) are well optimized on your site. Are you ready to outperform your competitors?

🚀 Quick read: the best SEO tools at a glance

Infographic: SEO audit toolbox
By continuing to read, you will find a description of each of these 18 tools as well as their respective prices.

🛠 8 technical SEO audit tools

Technical SEO data is essential for improving the user experience (UX) and simplifying the work of indexing robots. Here, I present 8 SEO audit tools that allow you to analyze points revealing the technical base of your website.

1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog allows you to crawl your entire site like a Googlebot. This tool is very handy for discovering many elements that will influence your organic search ranking (title tags, 404 errors, broken links, etc.). For $149 per year, you get a list of 26 technical criteria, while the free version only displays 7 pieces of information.

Screenshot: Screaming Frog

2. GTMetrix

GTMetrix provides a report on your site's loading speed. Once completed, the SEO audit tool gives you a list of task proposals to improve your performance. The free plan already provides good information and allows you to audit 50 sites per month. However, a pro account (starting at $128 per year) is more accurate, especially since you can define the geolocation of your target customer.

Screenshot: GTMetrix

3. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is also very useful for checking the loading speed of your website. This SEO audit tool is entirely complementary to the one detailed before and provides accurate information on both mobile and desktop versions. This tool is completely free and very easy to use.

Screenshot: PageSpeed Insights

4. Mobile Optimization Test

The Mobile Optimization Test is a free SEO tool provided by Google. It quickly tells you if the mobile version of your site is compatible with display on smartphones and tablets. As a reminder, this point is very important, as mobile users now represent a majority of the traffic you receive.

Screenshot: Mobile Optimization Test

5. Rich Results Test

Another free Google tool, the Rich Results Test is especially important if you have a store (e-commerce and physical store). This allows you to display in the SERP Google reviews, a price list, or opening hours.

Screenshot: Rich Results Test

6. Way Back Machine

Way Back Machine is an interesting audit tool because it allows you to see screenshots of the site's evolution. In addition, this free feature shows the history of server errors. Thus, if you notice a recurring issue, you know which technical elements to focus on.

Screenshot: Way Back Machine

7. Whois

There are many tools to discover the details directly related to the server. Personally, I like to use the free site to know the provider, IP, or even the use of a CDN. This kind of parameter is particularly useful when you audit a site that does not belong to you.

Screenshot: Whois Raynette

8. GeoIPView

GeoIPView is a free SEO tool that is very useful for knowing the geolocation of your site. This element is important because if your domain is not located close to your traffic source, the information transmitted to search engines and the loading speed may not be optimal.

Screenshot: GeoIPView
To know all the SEO optimization elements, I suggest you read this other blog post: Google ranking criteria in 2022.

🖋 2 content SEO audit tools

The quality of your content is a crucial criterion for your organic search ranking. First, it satisfies the desires of your readers. Second, taking care of your texts is the best way to convey information to search engine algorithms. Here are 2 tools that will allow you to audit your textual content.

1. SEOQuantum

The SEOQuantum semantic audit tool is very useful for understanding the relevance of your content and easy ways to optimize it. For less than €90 per month, you have access to many features that allow you to control the optimization of your current pages and prepare high-quality SEO texts.

Screenshot: SEOQuantum semantic tools

2. Plagium

Duplicate content (internal and external) is a factor that can significantly penalize your site's positioning on search engines. During your SEO audit, it is therefore interesting to check if your texts are unique. To verify this, you can use Plagium for free (up to 1,000 characters) or take advantage of one of the multiple paid offers available.

Screenshot: Plagium pricing
To perfectly optimize all the content you publish on your website, I invite you to discover the following article: Content and SEO optimization: the complete guide for SEO experts.

🥇 2 popularity SEO audit tools

The third pillar of SEO, popularity is an element not to be neglected in your audit. The quality of links pointing to your site's pages and the trust index of referring domains must therefore be analyzed with precision. Here are 2 SEO audit tools that will be useful for assessing the effectiveness of your link building strategy.

1. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a platform dedicated to the analysis of backlinks and popularity on search engines. It provides a wealth of information to know the level of notoriety of your site on the Internet. With this, you can then plan and prioritize your actions. Its use costs at least €46.99 per month, but it is essential for building your reputation in the long term.

Screenshot: Majestic SEO

2. AHrefs

AHrefs is a very comprehensive and detailed SEO audit tool. It could almost be used to perform a complete analysis of your site. However, I find it especially interesting for all the information available on link building. The cheapest offer is available from £74 per month, but a free trial is also possible.

Screenshot: AHrefs menu
To discover how to get links that redirect to your site, don't hesitate to consult this other post: 17 techniques to find a backlink and link to your content.

📈 3 SEO ranking audit tools

Knowing the ranking of your pages on Google and your visibility on the keywords of your content strategy is an element that you should consider heavily during your SEO audit. Here are 5 SEO tools that you should use without moderation.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics should be installed on all websites. You will find valuable information about the source of your traffic and the behavior of your users. It's free and extremely useful, so don't miss out!

Screenshot: Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console

The Search Console is another free Google tool that you can't do without. Among other things, you can observe the performance of all your pages, find the keywords that bring you the most organic traffic, or analyze the web signals of your site. In addition, you also have access to Google Search Insights which allows you to greatly improve your content.

Screenshot: Google Search Console

3. Ranks

If you want to do daily tracking on a specific word, Ranks is a small, simple, and very practical SEO audit tool. This precise view of the evolution of your positions on Google is very useful for determining the effectiveness of the actions taken. Offers start at €1.70 per month, making it one of the cheapest tools on the market.

Screenshot: chart

🎯 3 comprehensive SEO audit tools

No tool can replace the expertise of an SEO consultant. However, there are online platforms that provide a large amount of information that can be useful for a complete audit of your site. Here, I present 3 reputed tools for their good level of analysis.

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is undoubtedly one of the favorite tools of professional SEO experts. Multifunctional, this software allows you to perform an almost complete SEO audit of your site. You can track keywords, analyze backlinks, and also monitor your ranking in Google's results. The only downsides are its high cost (at least $99.95 per month) and its complicated handling.

Screenshot: SEMRush menu

2. Woorank

Woorank is an exceptional SEO audit tool. It checks both the technical, content, and popularity aspects of your website. At the end of the analysis, you get an SEO score and detailed improvement solutions. You can do a free trial, but you will have to pay €79.99 for the full report.

Screenshot: Woorank

3. Outiref

Outiref is a fairly simple SEO tool, but it has the great advantage of being completely free. You have access to data concerning the three pillars of SEO, including a simplified version of Majestic SEO for analyzing the popularity of your site.

Screenshot: Outiref
## 🎬 Conclusion

You now have the complete SEO expert's toolbox in your hands! Do you know of other ways to analyze your site? Do you have an SEO audit tool up your sleeve that is not on this list? Feel free to let us know, and after testing your proposal, we will be happy to add it to this article.

As you have all the tools at your disposal to perform a complete analysis of your site, I suggest you not miss a single element by referring to this other blog post: SEO Audit, the essential checklist in 130 points (only).

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