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SEOQuantum's New Features for September 2023

le Friday 15 September 2023 - Mise à jour Saturday 02 March 2024
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At SEOQuantum, our goal has always been to help copywriters and SEO consultants be as efficient as possible in their content creation.

Our teams have worked tirelessly this summer to provide you with a brand new version of the SEO content brief section, which will allow you to go even further in your content creation.

You will find a mix of how to generate content via AI, share the Content Optimization Tool with your copywriters in 1 click, generate unique questions for your content (and their answers!) and much more.. But enough talk, the best thing is to take a few minutes to discover all this in video :

1 - The multilingual version

Are you working with an international team on SEOQuantum? Set your favorite language for the interface now.
Go to My Account > Account Info and choose the language that suits you:

2 - The Auto Submit

When you are on the "Content Optimization" part - no need to click to optimize your content, it updates automatically. Welcome to fluidity!

3 - Integrate a plan

When writing content, it is essential that it is well structured! SEOQuantum allows you to generate a detailed plan in one click thanks to the "Insert a content structure" feature.

Go to an analysis or start a new one, and click on "Insert a content structure"

4 - Analyze your competitors' structure

Get inspired by the texts that perform in the Top 10 to build the perfect text.
Go to an analysis or start a new one, click on "Text Structure" to see the competitors' structures appear

By clicking on a title, you integrate it directly into your content:

5 - The question tab gets a makeover

Major update of the question tab, you will now find 3 different types of questions:

  • Competitors' ones: Found directly in the content that ranks.
  • The People Also Ask: You know this "question box" that is displayed when you do a search on Google? Find them directly on SEOQuantum.
  • Generated by AI: Discover unique questions to integrate directly into your content! By clicking on them you add them to your content, but in addition, the tool generates an answer.

6 - Generate AI content directly from SEOQuantum

Many of you have been asking for it in recent months, is now available in SEOQuantum!
For those who missed it, is a tool that allows you to generate a text via AI from a keyword. This feature is now available from your SEOQuantum interface.
To do this, go to content optimization & click on "Write For me"

The tool generates a writing plan that you can use as is, or complete as you wish.
Upon validation, the tool will generate a text based on this plan.

7 - Share this report

Perhaps one of the most exciting new features of this fall!
Directly share the Content Optimization Tool with your copywriter (or your client).
With this link, the copywriter can use SEOQuantum (without an account) to write his content directly in the optimization tool.
The possibilities are endless!

  • Send the link with your brief and ask the copywriter to write directly on it
  • Integrate the plan you want and ask the copywriter to complete it
  • Generate content via AI and ask your expert to modify it.
    And much more! Be creative to improve your creation process.

It's your turn to play!

Test all these new features now thanks to our 7-day trial version.

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