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New Version of the Tool and What's New!

le Tuesday 03 December 2019 - Mise à jour Thursday 04 April 2024
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I am truly proud to share with you the new version of our semantic analysis tool.

The SEOQuantum journey continues with the redesign of our historic semantic analysis tool. Why is the redesign necessary? Let's take a look back at our mission.

What is SEOQuantum's mission?

SEOQuantum is a powerful content marketing tool, a platform that accurately reveals how to optimize your web content to gain visibility. Its power lies in its ability to make you understand what internet users and Google want. SEOQuantum's mission is to enable you to create and deliver the perfect content that can influence your positioning on search engines. Behind every internet search lies a desire to acquire knowledge, a service or product. When internet users enter their search queries, they open up and are more receptive to new ideas. SEOQuantum establishes a semantic analysis report for each key expression/theme. This report is built on a web knowledge base around your theme. This report is the cornerstone of your content strategy, allowing you to increase your online authority (topical authority) and effectively influence search engines as well as internet users in the purchase of your products, services, or solutions.

A complete redesign of the tool

This redesign was necessary to assist you in this mission of creating high-performing content. We firmly believe that the best content is the one that meets the expectations of the user. We naturally focused on better detection and interpretation of search intents.

Example of intent detection for "boiler pressure loss"

To achieve this result, we have expanded the SEOQuantum knowledge base (over 100,000 words) by taking the top 100 results from Google's SERP and adding various meta engines. We had to change infrastructure in order to analyze over 100 pages in a few seconds using our AI and the word embedding engine.

Meeting the expectations of Google and the user involves using the right words. We call this set the wordprint. The wordprint encompasses the lexical and semantic field that Google expects from high-performing content. This wordprint can cover several topics.

As you will have understood, this is the challenge of tomorrow's SEO: moving from a "keywords centric" vision to topics (the latest announcement from Google confirms this with the deployment of Google BERT).

Watch the demonstration video of the SEOQuantum tool:

Announcement: various changes for December 2019

End of support for SEOQuantum's Discovery offer

The Discovery offer (€24 excl. VAT/month) has just been removed from our license catalog. It was the cheapest offer on the market. But it was ultimately little used and outside our core target (editorial sites/ecommerce/agencies/large accounts/...).

We have decided to refocus on our customers with a strong appetite for SEO and a major stake. The goal here is to provide quality support and follow-up.

The lifespan of credits goes from 1 to 2 months

This is a strong request from the SEOQuantum community: the extension of the lifespan of credits. The current system resets the number of credits to the license value on each anniversary date. It is not possible to accumulate more credits than the license allows.

We have revised our position following the infrastructure change. Indeed, this change is also beneficial on the number of semantic analyses processed by the system. Thanks to a greater flexibility and speed of the system, we have naturally extended the lifespan of credits to 2 months.

Availability of the SEOQuantum API

Do you want to integrate SEOQuantum's semantic analysis into your tools? This is now possible thanks to our API. The API has been designed to meet your requests for plugins for Wordpress, Google Docs... To learn more about how it works, visit this page:

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