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SEOQuantum Raises 150,000 Euros to Accelerate the Development of the SEO Platform

le Wednesday 31 August 2022 - Mise à jour Saturday 02 March 2024
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SEOQuantum raises over 150,000 euros from Bpifrance and its financial partners.

Founded in 2018 by Anthony TECHER, SEOQuantum was long the laboratory of the digital agency W3B based in Valence.
To meet the needs of project managers in SEO, Anthony TECHER developed an algorithm capable of meeting both the requirements of search engines and the needs of internet users.

For businesses, being visible on search engines is a major business challenge. In recent years, the rules of the game have changed: creating content that ranks on search engines is becoming increasingly difficult.

SEOQuantum is an SEO platform that helps optimize content strategies and gain visibility on search engines. It addresses the frustration of consultants, SEO specialists, and web experts who find that their pages are poorly positioned in Google results, even if they believe their content is of high quality.
By leveraging artificial intelligence, SEOQuantum helps understand the hidden intent behind a keyword, a subject, a theme.

The real challenge of SEOQuantum is to transform the complexity of a chaotic SEO world into a remarkably simple solution for content publishers seeking visibility.

The objectives of this fundraising

This fundraising allows the startup to achieve a dual objective:

  1. The functional maintenance of the existing by recruiting a team dedicated to the product
  2. The finalization of new, ever more innovative SEO tools thanks to the development of its R&D laboratory in partnership with prestigious universities

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Cluster in SEO

SEO Innovation: Keyword clustering by Search Intent - release October 2022

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