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43 Content Marketing Tools to Implement Your Content Strategy

le Thursday 01 April 2021 - Mise à jour Sunday 03 March 2024
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If you want to start or refine your content strategy and achieve optimal results, this blog post is for you. You will discover 43 content marketing tools that will help you achieve your long-term goals. Regardless of the type of content, the web marketing tools presented below will meet the needs of all digital communication professionals.

💡 Tools for finding content marketing ideas

To succeed in your content marketing, you must first find the best topics to cover. To do this, you constantly stay informed about articles published in your field of activity. However, this task can be very time-consuming if you do not have the right tools.

1. Google Alerts

The free tool Google Alerts is essential for staying up to date on the latest articles indexed by the search engine. Simply enter the theme you are interested in, and you will instantly receive a notification when a new publication is made.

Google Alerts screenshot

2. Buzzsumo

To know the current trends on social networks, Buzzsumo is undoubtedly your best ally. It also allows you to identify influencers in the topics you follow, which is interesting if you are looking for someone to promote your brand.

Buzzsumo screenshot

3. Feedly

If you want to follow multiple blogs or websites, Feedly is a very effective RSS feed tracking tool. You are informed in real-time as soon as a new article is published, and everything is grouped in a very user-friendly back office. It is undoubtedly a monitoring tool that saves you a lot of time!

Feedly screenshot

4. Evernote

Have you found an article that interests you for future content creation? Evernote (mobile and desktop app) allows you to save and easily find the URLs of your choice. With the paid subscription, you can also share this content with your colleagues.

Evernote screenshot

5. Answer the Public

Starting from a keyword, AnswerThePublic groups the numerous queries associated with search engines, especially to answer frequently asked questions (who, what, where, etc.). Presented in a cloud format, its reading is simple, fast, and efficient.

Answer The Public screenshot

6. SEOQuantum

SEOQuantum is a comprehensive tool for developing and improving your content marketing. You have access to a mind map grouping numerous content ideas and keyword clustering proposals. When creating content, you also have a large number of interesting keywords to integrate into the hot zones of your text.

SEOQuantum screenshot

🔑 Tools for choosing the right keywords

Once you have found the right themes for your digital communication, it is time to write your content. But to increase your chances of being well referenced on search engine results pages, you must integrate the right keywords and use a broad semantic field. To achieve this, you have many tools available on the web.

7. Google Trends

As you mainly want to optimize your organic search for Google (the undisputed leader of search engines), its keyword trends tool is a good choice. Google Trends allows you to know the fashionable queries in your theme and by region.

Google Trends screenshot

8. SEMRush

Probably the most used tool for keyword research, SEMRush offers an overview as effective for SEO as for SEA. Although the learning curve is not easy at first, the interface is very comprehensive and coherent.

SEMRush screenshot

9. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel's Ubersuggest is the other most widespread tool for keyword research. It also allows you to get good content ideas and analyze the competition. Its Google Chrome extension shows you directly on search engines what the search volume and website authority are.

Ubersuggest screenshot

🖼 Content marketing visual tools

In content marketing, visuals are also very important. Whether for SEO, an infographic, or an art photo, your images must meet the expectations of the user and indexing robots.

10. Canva

Very trendy, Canva provides a huge database of customizable templates according to your brand image. You will find all the necessary formats for all your digital communication. From social networks to websites, through logos and infographics, you have everything you need to succeed in your content strategy.

Canva screenshot

11. Infogram

Specialized in creating infographics and diagrams, Infogram is a tool dedicated to content marketing experts. It even allows you to adapt your images to different social media or create thumbnails for YouTube.

Infogram screenshot

12. Pixabay & Unsplash

To illustrate your blog posts or website, you can't always rely on a professional photographer. But you also can't use just any photo found on the web. Pixabay and Unsplash provide you with a free and royalty-free image bank.

Pixabay screenshot

13. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is recognized as a reference for retouching images. Note that it is a professional tool that requires some time to learn. However, you will easily find many online tutorials to help you master it.

Photoshop screenshot

14. Gimp

Unlike the previous one, Gimp is a completely free tool. It offers a large number of possibilities to achieve a neat and professional result. Although the site only provides information in English, you can install the program in French and access help in your language.

Gimp screenshot

15. TinyPNG

You are well aware that the loading time of a website is a factor that is becoming increasingly important in SEO. The free online tool TinyPNG allows you to compress your images in a few seconds while maintaining their quality.

TinyPNG screenshot

📻 Content marketing audio tools

Podcasting is becoming a pillar of content marketing. Still relatively rare a few years ago, more and more listeners regularly follow this type of content. This means of communication allows you to humanize your message and create a strong relationship with your customers and prospects.

16. ePodcast Creator

Specially designed for podcast creation, ePodcast Creator is a professional tool for recording and editing your audio content. You can also create an RSS feed and publish your podcasts using an FTP client. However, the software is currently only available in English.

ePodcast Creator screenshot

17. Audacity

To edit and record your audio content for free, you can use Audacity with confidence. A very interesting point is that all audio formats are supported. Although the software interface is in English, its ease of use makes it suitable for beginners. You can still find a lot of information in French at

Audacity screenshot

18. Adobe Audition

Once again, the Adobe suite offers a comprehensive tool for professionals. With Audition, you can take advantage of the most technical features to create high-quality audio montages. However, for basic work, this software may be too complex to use.

Audition screenshot

19. ID3 Editor

If you want your podcasts to be well referenced, ID3 Editor is a wise choice. Indeed, this tool allows you to add metadata to your recording. You can thus enter the author's name and add an illustration image or even the address of your website.

ID3 Editor screenshot

20. Ecamm Call Recorder

Do you want to conduct interviews and turn them into podcasts? Then Ecamm Call Recorder will interest you! Easy to use, it converts Skype conversations into MP4 and MP3. Unfortunately, this tool is only available on Mac and only in English.

Ecamm Call Recorder screenshot

21. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is on its way to becoming the most popular platform for sharing music and podcasts. Not only do you reach a huge audience (nearly 175 million listeners), but you also have access to detailed statistics, making it an excellent content marketing tool.

SoundCloud screenshot

22. PowerPress

If you have a WordPress site and want to share your podcasts on it, PowerPress by Blubrry seems to be the plugin you need. With over 60,000 downloads, a 4.5-star rating, and regular updates, it is certainly a reliable tool for promoting your audio content.

PowerPress screenshot

📹 Tools for a video content strategy

As a reminder, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and has been owned by Google since 2006. It is therefore obvious that if you want to improve your visibility on the Web, video content should not be neglected in content marketing. Moreover, it is also an excellent way to captivate your audience on social networks.

23. Magisto

For editing in just a few minutes without any technical knowledge, Magisto is the tool you are looking for. Of course, the result will not be comparable to professional work. But it is fast and efficient enough for simple use.

Magisto screenshot

24. Adobe Spark Video

Spark Video is a tool offered by Adobe for editing your videos on iPhone or iPad. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to work wherever you want. You also have access to a large source of data in images and can automatically create professional-looking animations.

Adobe Spark Video screenshot

25. PlayPlay

To adapt your video content to all channels, PlayPlay is undoubtedly a very good content marketing tool. Very easy to use, you also have many themes available to speed up your creation. In addition, you have a very responsive French support.

PlayPlay screenshot

📣 Content distribution tools

Now that all your content is ready to be published, you will distribute it to your audience. However, this task can once again be very time-consuming. That's why content marketing tools have been created to save you valuable time.

26. Mailchimp

The free offer of Mailchimp is perfectly suited for small businesses and those who do not have too high a contact base. It is a very simple and effective way to manage your email campaigns and newsletters without spending too much time on them. There is also an extension that you can directly install on your WordPress site: WC4WP.

Mailchimp screenshot

27. Sendinblue

For more varied content distribution needs, Sendinblue is a very effective content marketing tool. In addition to managing your email sending, you can interact directly with your audience by taking advantage of SMS and "live chat" options. You also have access to interesting statistics to improve your campaigns in the long term.

Sendinblue screenshot

28. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a comprehensive tool dedicated to content marketing specialists. On a single interface, you can view, distribute, and manage all your social networks. However, its rather high price makes this service mainly suitable for medium to large companies or community managers.

Hootsuite screenshot

29. Buffer

Here is a less expensive solution for your content distribution on social media. Buffer also allows you to manage your publications on different channels and analyze statistics. However, the platform is only available in English and does not allow you to view your news feeds.

Buffer screenshot

30. Hashtagify

To improve your visibility on Twitter and Instagram, you must master the use of hashtags. With Hashtagify, you can easily find the popularity of each hashtag and ideas for associations to further increase your distribution volume.

Hashtagify screenshot

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Tools for building your content marketing team

How to find the best professionals and build your content marketing team? If you are looking for freelancers or want to outsource your digital marketing without going through an agency, you have some tools and platforms that will make your task easier.

31. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a community of professionals that allows you to find the freelancers and specialists you need to succeed in your content strategy. You can easily connect with the right people who can help you.

LinkedIn screenshot

32. Malt

If you are looking for a freelancer, Malt is the platform you want to prioritize. You have access to service offers and can easily compare different prices. All content marketing professions are present. You just have to make your choice!

Malt screenshot

33. LaRédacDuWeb

Are you looking for a serious and competent SEO web writer? On LaRédacDuWeb, you can choose from professionals trained and specialized in natural referencing. By choosing this platform, you are guaranteed to get optimized and quality texts.

LaRédacDuWeb screenshot

34. Textbroker

For small budgets or the need for a large number of texts to be written (for example, product sheets), Textbroker will interest you. However, the quality is not always there! This choice depends on your expectations and your content writing needs.

TextBroker screenshot

🤝 Content cooperation tools

Sharing documents and information is essential for harmonizing your team's work. You cannot do without content marketing tools that allow for quick document exchange.

38. Google Drive

On Google Drive, you can exchange and share everything you create on the Google office suite: textual content, presentations, and tables. To access it, you just need to have a Gmail address.

Google Drive screenshot

39. Gather Content

Gather Content is only available in English but offers very interesting features. With this content marketing tool, you can also integrate it directly into your CMS, which is very practical if you use an intranet.

Gather Content screenshot

🎬 Conclusion

With all the content marketing tools presented in this article, you will be able to create, plan, and control your entire content strategy. Of course, there are hundreds of other instruments that can achieve the same goals. However, I have shared with you the most popular tools among content marketing professionals and universally recognized for their reliability.

But perhaps you already have your favorites and some are not on this list? Feel free to share them in the comments, and I will be happy to add them to this post.

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