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SEO Competitive Mapping

Welcome to the SEO Competitive Mapping Tool. This tool allows you to visually analyze the market positioning of different competitors based on specific criteria that you can select.

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The Find my Competitors tool analyzes the target domain's keywords ranked in the TOP 20 on Google to reveal the main competitors. Discover who shares space on the SERPs and optimize your SEO strategies to excel.

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Find Competitor SEO from a domain

How to Identify Your True SEO Competitors

Understanding who your real competitors are is crucial for developing an effective SEO strategy. We'll guide you through the methods to accurately identify your SEO competitors and optimize your marketing efforts.

For a company to be considered a competitor in the SEO domain, it must meet three specific criteria:

  1. Targeting the same keywords: They aim for the same keywords as you to attract traffic.
  2. Addressing the same audience: They target the same audience as you.
  3. Fulfilling the same consumer needs: They offer solutions that meet the same needs as yours, making your offer less necessary if the audience chooses them.

How does the "Find my competitors" tool work?

  1. Identifying target keywords: Determine your main keywords and group them by topics.
  2. Analyzing search results: Download and analyze the first pages of search results for each keyword group.
  3. Evaluating competitor presence: Identify the dominant players in each category and the most effective content formats (infographics, articles, videos).

➡️ While time-consuming, this approach is ultra-precise. Reserve it for new websites or in-depth analyses.

Correctly identifying your SEO competitors is a fundamental step in refining your digital marketing strategy. By using the Find my competitors tool approach, you can gain a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape and adjust your efforts to better target your audience. Don't forget to check out additional resources to deepen your knowledge and enhance your SEO strategy.

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